Established in Vietnam in 2020, Flore Model Agency is a full-service modeling agency with a vision to set the standard in our region. Our strength lies in our commitment to celebrate diversity, as we proudly represent international models of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Our bouquet of services encompasses model management, media production, and public relations, each tailored to exceed our clients’ expectations and contribute to their project’s success. At Flore Model Agency, we see every model as a unique bloom in our vibrant garden, each offering endless potential and opportunities for our clients. We are not just a modeling agency, we are a blossoming hub of diversity and creativity.


Since its inception in 2020, Flore Model Agency has swiftly grown from its roots in Vietnam to a multi-national entity with extensive reach across South East Asia, including Thailand and Singapore. In just a short time, we’ve collaborated with over 500 brands on a variety of projects – from model selection and bookings to orchestrating diversity campaigns and scouting international talent for placement in editorials, fashion shows, and commercial campaigns.

Our focus is on fostering our models’ career growth by providing a professional and supportive platform that drives their success. We celebrate diversity through our comprehensive network of international models, who hail from various ethnic backgrounds and embody all shapes and sizes.

At Flore Model Agency, we do more than just model management. We also offer a suite of marketing services, including media production and public relations, to enhance the visibility and reach of our models in the industry.

Our progressive approach to talent management and promotion has established Flore Model Agency as a leading force in today’s modeling industry, sought after by models and clients alike.