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Macro-influencers (100K-1M followers)

Macro-influencers (100K-1M followers)

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Leverage the reach and impact of our Macro-influencers (100K-1M followers) for your commercial projects. Our carefully selected influencers offer a massive audience and proven expertise, making them an invaluable asset in promoting your brand or product. Gain exposure and drive results with the power of Macro-influencers.
 Types of Projects for Macro-Influencers:

1. Sponsored Posts

Single social media post featuring a product or service

2. Product Reviews

In-depth review of a product, often with photos or videos

3. Brand Ambassador Programs

Ongoing partnerships to represent a brand over time

4. Content Creation

Creating photos or videos for brands to use on their own channels

5. Instagram/Facebook Stories

Temporary content featuring products or services

6. IGTV or YouTube Videos

Longer-form video content about a product or brand

7. Affiliate Marketing

Sharing unique discount codes or links

8. Giveaways and Contests

Hosting competitions featuring brand products

9. Event Attendance

Attending and posting about brand events

10. Blog Posts

Writing sponsored content for their blog or the brand's blog

11. Unboxing Videos

Opening and showcasing new products on camera


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